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A Better Way to Deliver Software

Flexagon was founded in 2013 by a team who had spent their entire careers in roles related to custom software development, systems integration, product development and automation. They were painfully familiar with the challenges that come with the software delivery lifecycle. The existing tools on the market were narrowly focused, supported only the largest enterprises, required too many tools to support the entire lifecycle, and were too costly and time consuming to implement and support.  They decided there was a better way, and FlexDeploy development was underway.

Fast-forward a few years and Flexagon’s FlexDeploy is a market leading DevOps and Application Release Automation product. It is both comprehensive (one tool across the entire Build, Deploy, and Release toolchain) and integrated (plugins and integrations for myriad commercial and open-source tools), supporting companies from the smallest contenders to the largest enterprises. Customers can adopt FlexDeploy regardless of where they are on the journey from traditional to continuous delivery, and implementations are fast and painless, getting companies up and running quickly.

FlexDeploy helps customers deliver better quality software faster, with less cost and risk, gaining and maintaining a competitive advantage.

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We are on a growth-trajectory, and are looking for talented, driven, and passionate individuals to join us.

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