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Become a Flexagon Partner and get the strength and resources of one of the most successful DevOps and Continuous Delivery software companies behind you. Leveraging your expertise and the power of the FlexDeploy platform, you can meet the needs of customers of all sizes, in all industries to bring them advanced solutions for software delivery. Partnering with Flexagon can help you win more customers and drive revenue. 

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As a Flexagon Partner, you’ll receive:




Flexagon spends dedicated time with your employees/consultants to make sure they are FlexDeploy experts. This training is at no cost to you.


Marketing and Sales Support

We enable communication to your customers. Some partners are starting DevOps practices and like to have Flexagon involved throughout the marketing/sales/implementation lifecycle. Others choose to take some or all of this on themselves after coming up to speed on FlexDeploy.

Early Access

Access to pre-GA software, including deep dive-training on new versions prior to general availability, allowing your team to take immediate action on new features and enhancements.

Product Influence

Ability to influence our product roadmap, where we really value partner feedback since you have access to a broad view of the market.

Revenue Generation

Generate revenue from license sales and consulting service, leveraging the Flexagon partnership and FlexDeploy to help drive differentiation in your solutions.

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