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The Opportunity

The use of Oracle Cloud can optimize the speed and efficiency of developing and supporting software and improves the ability to compete and win in the market. Unfortunately, the Oracle tools for managing cloud IaaS and PaaS resources don’t provide a holistic approach to managing both the cloud and on premises resources required for an end-to-end DevOps and Continuous Delivery solution.

The Solution

FlexDeploy standardizes, orchestrates, and automates the lifecycle; provisioning, building, deploying, testing, and releasing resources, configurations, and other related artifacts across test and production environments running on premises and in the cloud.  The Cloud IaaS and PaaS support within FlexDeploy improves the utilization of cloud resources by eliminating time and money spent on infrastructure and ‘plumbing’ and optimizing the utilization of cloud resources.

It’s More than Cloud, and It’s More than Oracle

FlexDeploy is an enterprise platform for DevOps, Release Automation, and Continuous Delivery and includes a broad and deep focus on Oracle technology including Database, Fusion Middleware, BI, Applications such as E-Business Suite, and Oracle Cloud IaaS and PaaS. This holistic approach to automation goes well beyond the Oracle, and allows users to manage their open-source and commercial tools and technologies as well. Comprehensive, Integrated, and Open.

Leverage existing Fusion Middleware plugins to shift to the Oracle Cloud

FlexDeploy’s plugins for Fusion Middleware products such as WebLogic, SOA Suite, Service Bus, B2B, JMS, MFT, BPM, ODI, ADF, WebCenter, and OBIEE work the same when running on premises as they do in the cloud. For example, you can easily deploy the same WebLogic configurations and applications, SOA integrations such as composites, and BI artifacts in the cloud IaaS and PaaS environment as you current have running on prem. FlexDeploy provides the controls and visibility needed to effectively manage and maintain your middleware implementations on premises, cloud, or hybrid deployment architectures.

Oracle Cloud – Optimizing the Software Development Lifecycle

Most customers require many environments to develop and test their packaged and custom IT solutions. Using Oracle Cloud helps improve environment utilization across many Oracle, open source, and other 3rd party tools and technologies. 


Manage Oracle Cloud Resources
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FlexDeploy uses the REST API’s exposed for all Oracle IaaS and PaaS services to create plugins which automate the management of the cloud resources. The REST APIs expose operations such as creating, deleting, starting, stopping, scaling, and generally administering the cloud services. The FlexDeploy plugins for IaaS Compute, Storage, and Containers (Kubernetes Engine) and PaaS plugins for Database, Java, SOA, Application Container, and Integration Cloud are used to orchestrate the environments. The result is fast and highly efficient use of the cloud services for the entire provisioning, build, deploy, and test lifecycle.

Support for Open Source Technology
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FlexDeploy supports many open source and 3rd party commercial products, and Oracle cloud enables the use of open source in multiple ways. For example, users can run open source tools, applications servers, languages such as Spring and Node, and many other tools and technologies on IaaS Compute. Additionally, users can utilize the PaaS Application Container Cloud Service for cloud native development, including with Node.js and Java SE/Tomcat. The combination of FlexDeploy and Oracle Cloud provides flexibility and choice, giving users the ability to use both Oracle and open source options as appropriate.


Shift Workloads from On-Prem to the Cloud
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Perform fully automated lift and shift to run on Oracle Cloud, both on IaaS and PaaS. No changes were required, 100% portability which is a huge advantage which provides choice and flexibility.


Optimize Development Environment Management
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You can’t afford to leave development environments sit idle. Use FlexDeploy with Oracle cloud to pay for what you use, spinning up and tearing down environments rapidly. Use FlexDeploy support for both Oracle IaaS and PaaS, using both metered and non-metered models depending on the specific use cases.

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FlexDeploy Loves Oracle Integration Cloud: Blog Series

Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC) is an exciting new platform for performing integrations for on-premise and cloud applications.  In this blog series, we will show how FlexDeploy is utilized to configure, manage, deploy and test OIC artifacts as they are promoted through the different environments.

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